Use Cases


Streaming Use Cases

With speed emerging as the new currency of business, stream processing is becoming pervasive and required for competitiveness in the new age. Below are a few use cases where real-time data processing has been applied:


Blockchain Networks
  • Companies are monitoring blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to gather intelligence and inform their decision making processes. Streamly’s open Bitcoin streams.
  • Real-time global payment network using blockchain technology
  • Blockchain Real-Time Clearing and Settlement
  • Blockchain transactions with real-time cyber controls
Public Service
  • Real-time data processing is useful for managing natural resources.
  • Stream processing provides valuable to law enforcement as well.
  • Monitoring and supervision of regulated activities for online gambling operators
  • Data from hospitals, accident reports, and other sources can provide a comprehensive picture of community health trends.
Science and Research
  • Real-time Storm Detection and Weather Forecast Activation.
  • Query processing and predictive analytics over streams of big aviation data.
  • Aircraft health and “black box” monitoring in real-time.
  • Real-time processing makes satellite information much more useful in time-critical applications such as fire and flood detection.
Oil & Gas
  • Real-time monitoring of pumps & rigs
  • Racking flow-process to design better drilling and pumping systems.
  • Monitoring and real-time response to a natural disaster that might affect oil and gas pipeline infrastructure
  • Boost productivity by sharing drilling information via the cloud in real-time.

  • Stream processing makes real-time fraud detection possible.
  • Data Integration (sales, clicks, visits)
  • Real-time order processing
  • Real-time user targeting based on segment, demographics and preferences
  • Real-time bots detection on ecommerce sites. Track internet threats from varied sources around the web.
  • Intelligent supply chain—retail companies build intelligent supply chains by placing sensors on items to track and monitor them proactively
  • Smart logistics with real-time end-to-end tracking of delivery and trucks
  • Tracking consumer moods in real-time using smart cameras and mannequins for in-store advertising.
  • Biometrics aim at collecting and analyzing data from medical devices that collect vitals from patients outside care facilities.
  • Smart hospitals collect data and readings from hospital devices (vitals, IVs, MRI, etc.) and analyze in real-time in order to make quick decisions.
  • Fast data aggregation to provide clinicians with the data they need to make medical decisions.
Sensor Networks
  • Real-time monitoring of sensor data in machines and smart devices.
  • Real-time analysis of integrated microprocessor data.
  • Stream processing for dynamic energy management in smart grids.

Real-time Mobile Notification
  • Send push notifications to smart devices in real time
  • Real-time message processing
  • Real-time antenna optimization based on user location data
  • Real-time charging and billing based on customer usage and the ability to populate up-to-date usage dashboards for users
  • Optimized advertising for video/audio content based on what users are consuming.
Advertising Technology
  • Calculate priorities in real-time to know which ads drive traffic to websites.
  • Track ad campaigns to understand consumer behavior in relation to different advertising mediums.
  • Target customer with relevant advertisements.
  • Predict buyer behavior and sales.
Banking and Financial Services
  • Real-time data processing provides banks and finance companies the opportunity to prevent fraud to a large extent.
  • Understand customers across channels.
  • Real-time processing helps to detect fraudulent refunds.
  • Stream processing can enhance the analysis and model quality in risk management.
Internet of Things
  • Smart homes and smart cities collect data and analyze in real-time in order to make quick decisions.
  • Online monitoring of power lines
  • Integration of distributed energy sources
  • Integration of electric vehicles