Solution Architecture

Simplify Data Streaming Processes

Streamly was designed to simplify your real-time data processing ecosystem. This simplicity comes about through an integrated high-performance solution that includes all the essential tools you use for stream analytics.


One Platform to Rule them All

Include all your open source data analytics tools and applications on a single platform.

  • Piece together complementary data processing tools—Apache Kafka, EMQTT, Spark, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Zeppelin, Kibana—and effortlessly extract analytics from your data streams
  • Take advantage of a uniform dashboard that enhances user experiences and boosts productivity
  • Minimizes the huge architectural tasks, design, and implementation effort, inherent to building a stream-processing environment


Stream Processing as a Service

Reduce overhead by sharing the same multi-tenant environment across the organization

  • Single environment to operate within the organization
  • Unleash data and product innovation by removing operational barriers
  • Extensive security layer that compartmentalizes the platform into strictly isolated workspaces


Single Point of Accountability

Disparate tools in stream processing solutions imply disparate responsibilities which ultimately translates into communication challenges among support teams and therefore lost productivity.

  • One single support team for all aspects of your real-time data processing pipeline
  • No bouncing around between support teams with possibly different agendas and cultures
  • No technology silos between aspects of your overall solution


Repeatable and Testable Deployment

Automated provisioning, configuration, and deployment renders Streamly’s deployments repeatable and testable.

  • Hundreds of deployments make our provisioning and configuration framework battle tested
  • Your engineers and analysts can spend the time dissecting your data rather than on environment fixes


High Performance

The exponential growth in devices and applications that generate continuous data streams requires speed and efficiency to understand and act on the data they produce.

  • Ensures minimum latency and maximum throughput with Streamly’s horizontally scalable and highly available architecture
  • Eliminate cumbersome integration procedures that often come with major performance penalties


Accelerated Analytics

Analysts and developers can take advantage of  Streamly’s tie-in features to accelerate real-time data processing:

  • Test-run unique analytical concepts and analyse the streaming process in real-time
  • Rapid iteration cycles around data discovery, exploration, and visualization