Open Streams

Streamly comes with a number of unique streams that analysts and developers can explore and use to stimulate innovation. We also intend to follow up with more exciting streams for you to dissect in the near future.


Open Streams Available to the Public

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    Bitcoin Streams:
    these open streams result from monitoring the Bitcoin network in real-time and capturing events passing through it. These events are published onto topics that your Spark applications can consume.
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    Ethereum Streams: these streams result from monitoring the Ethereum network and capturing events in realtime. Streamly users also have unrestricted read access to these Ethereum streams.
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    Apache Logs: these are logs from various apache web server spread around the Internet. These logs are gathered and streamed in realtime onto a common public readable Kafka topic that Streamly applications can access.

Making Use of Open Streams

Open streams on Streamly are available to all registered users. Some advantages they offer include:

  • Free access to a variety of content streams
  • Explore completely new application domains
  • Innovate around this content by using these topics in your applications


Sign-up to today! … and take advantage of our open streams. Streamly users can also look forward to more streams on the platform.