About Us

About Streamly

the only one-stop-shop for real-time data processing

Setting up a stream processing pipeline takes a lot of work and can be capital intensive. To ease these difficulties, Streamly was borne! A simple, easy to use, effective, and cheap platform for hosting stream processing applications.

Streamly is an integrated cloud and on premise stream processing solution. It gives you the option of working directly through its cloud platform or deploying Streamly to run in on-premise environment. Streamly is the only all-inclusive Stream Processing as a Service platform.

Who we are

The Streamly Team hails from Toronto, Canada and is composed of a bunch of PhDs and real-time processing gurus and lovers. We have worked with clients across the world, particularly in the USA, in Canada, and in Europe. Our mission is to make stream processing as simple and as pervasive as web development.